More Than Just Driver Training

King Country Driver Training has many years of experience in training others about the importance of being safe on our roads. We make certain everyone who comes for any course will take away valuable lessons to apply in real life situations as it takes more than sitting in a car with someone to be a good trainer and we pride ourselves on our experience and expertise.
We don’t only make sure everyone will just pass their tests but to use the skills we teach to be a better and safer driver as our courses teach more than just the road rules.
We also have our own car for use or are happy for you to bring your own if you prefer.
Have a read below to see the full range of courses we provide at King Country Driver Training.


Learn the Skills to help save your life and the lives of others.
Each course consists of four sessions of two hours duration and a practical drive assessment to complete the course, this drive is of valuable assistance to those who will be taking a full driving test in the near future.
Successful completion of the course and obtaining your certificate takes six months off the time required on a Restricted Licence.

There are different reductions if you are 25 years of age or older.

Upcoming Dates

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Defensive Driving Course

Students must enrol before the first night and attend all four sessions.

Cost is $200.00 per person.


Protect your business and improve the bottom line by reducing company vehicle accidents by enrolling your staff on the Five hour course which will highlight the danger areas such as “Auto Pilot” driving and improve Hazard awareness.

Although New Zealand does not collate data on the purpose of the journey, in England between 25 and 33% of serious and fatal crashes involve someone who was working at the time.
In Australia studies show that road crashes are the most common form of  Work Related Deaths.

This course would fit well in your OSH and ACC Policy requirements.


If you wish to ride a Motorcycle on the road you must have a Class 6 Licence.

To obtain your Learners Licence from a Licensing agent you must produce a Basic Skills Test certificate.

This is a Basic Skills Test to show you have the ability to safely ride on the road.

This Certificate does not allow you to ride on the road, for that you must go to the Licensing Agent and produce the Basic Skills Certificate and pass the Theory Test to obtain your Learners Licence.


Classes 2, 3, 4, 5 Driver Licenses relate to Heavy Rigid and Heavy Combination Types.

You will need to gain your Learners Licence for the Class of licence you wish to sit. This is obtained from a Licensing Agent such as the AA or Land Transport.

Successful completion of one of the above courses reduces the waiting period between your Learners and your Full Licence.


It is essential that every person who requires a Dangerous Goods Endorsement,( Unit Standard 16718), has a complete understanding of how important load security, segregation and identification of the different classes of Dangerous Goods is and how this relates to their own and the publics safety.

Students are sent Study Guides prior to the course to assist with learning.
The D Endorsement is only valid for 5 years and must then be re- validated.


A requirement of this course, (Unit Standard 17580), is also to hold, (Unit Standard 24089 Log Book Hours and Fatigue Management). If you do not already hold this qualification then it will also be part of the Endorsement requirement.

To get a V Endorsement you must hold or have held for at least two years a Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Drivers Licence.

Study guides will be provided prior to course commencement.


If you drive a “Special Type” of vehicle you require the Vehicle type to be Endorsed on your licence.
Your Drivers Licence must indicate the type of vehicle, W, T, R and if the vehicle is over 4500kgs you must have a Class 2 Licence.

OSH and Insurance requirements may also dictate the need for this Endorsement.

Students will be supplied with an individual OSM (Operator Safety Manual) prior to the course and Assessment.


If you drive a forklift on the road, you must have an F endorsement on your driver licence.

You also need the class of driver licence appropriate for the weight of the forklift including its load:

  • A class 1 driver licence (with an F endorsement) covers forklifts with a weight of up to 18,000kgs when loaded.
  • A class 2 driver licence (with an F endorsement) covers forklifts with a weight over 18,000kgs when loaded.

You must also hold an Occupational Health & Safety Certificate (10851 Unit Standard).

If you’re not sure whether you need an F endorsement, please call us on 07 896 607 or contact your nearest NZ Transport Agency office.


Expert Driver Training

All enquiries and booking/payments (excluding Defensive Driver) are done through King Country Driver Training. Please contact us if you would like to know more or book for one of our courses.
We request that all Defensive Driving Courses be booked and payed through CKC REAP Taumarunui.
Alternatively you can call on 07 896 8680